Most Wanted Deadbeat Parents

The Sheriff’s Office aggressively targets parents who have court-issued warrants for severe delinquency in child support payments.


Pereira, Mercedes DOB: 01/04/1978

Pereira, Mercedes
DOB: 01/04/1978

Singh, Cobra DOB: 067/05/1985

Singh, Cobra
DOB: 067/05/1985

Photo of deadbear parent Somerville

Last name: Varela-Rodriguez
Date of birth: 03-13-75

Deadbeat Parent

Whetzel,Fred Jr.
DOB: 06/30/1969

Photo of deadbeat parent Roseboro

Last name: Somerville
Date of birth: 02-17-67


Photo of deadbeat parent Brown

Last name: Brown
Date of birth: 04-01-1965